ELI Staff

Office of the President

Jordan Diamond headshot
President, Environmental Law Institute

Executive Staff

Rachel Jean-Baptiste photo
Vice President, Publications & Education
Loretta Reinersmann
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Sandra Nichols Thiam
Vice President, Research & Policy

Research & Policy

Dara Albrecht
Research Associate
Jay Austin
Senior Attorney; Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Law Reporter®
Sarah Backer
Research Associate
Simone Baldwin
Lead, Technology & Innovation Programs
Eleanor Beckerman photo
Research Associate
Tobie Bernstein
Senior Attorney; Director, Indoor Environments Program
Isabella Blanco
Research Associate
Linda Breggin
Senior Attorney; Director of the Center for State, Tribal, and Local Environmental Programs
Carl Bruch
Senior Attorney; Director, International Programs
Regina M. Buono
Senior Attorney
Susannah Dibble
Public Interest Environmental Law Fellow
Cecilia Diedrich
Staff Attorney
John Doherty
Science and Policy Analyst
Jesse Ferraioli
Research Associate
Rebecca L. Kihslinger
Senior Science and Policy Analyst; Director, Wetlands Program
Elizabeth Koch
Senior Manager, International Programs
Helene Krasnoff
Senior Attorney; Director, Climate Judiciary Project
Albert Mancilla photo
Administrative Associate, Research & Policy
James M. McElfish, Jr.
Senior Advisor, Research and Policy
Photo of Jared Mummert
Manager, Climate Judiciary Project
A picture of Sofia O'Connor
Senior Attorney; Director, Ocean Program
Jarryd Page
Staff Attorney
Elissa Parker
Senior Advisor, Research & Policy
John Pendergrass
Senior Advisor, Research and Policy
Kristine Perry
Staff Attorney
Taalin RaoShah
Research Associate
Amy Reed
Senior Attorney
Tori Rickman
Research Associate
Adam Schempp
Senior Attorney; Director, Western Water Program
Jack Schnettler
Public Interest Environmental Law Fellow
Ella Stack
Research Associate
Jessica Sugarman
Policy Analyst
Jessica J. Troell
Senior Attorney; Director, International Water Program; Director, Africa Program
Zoe Vogel
Public Interest Environmental Law Fellow
Therese Wilkerson photo
Staff Attorney

Publications & Education

Jay Austin
Senior Attorney; Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Law Reporter®
Madison Calhoun
Senior Manager, Educational Programs
Stephen R. Dujack
Editor, The Environmental Forum®
Hunter Leigh Jones
Senior Editor, ELR
Jen Norman
Manager, Education & Membership Events
Evan Odoms
Graphic Designer
William J. Straub
Editorial & Production Assistant
Photo of Sarah Vican
Manager, Educational Programs

Communications & Information Technology

Collins, Nick photo
Director, Communications
Colin Gipson-Tansil
Senior Digital Media Producer
Matthew Mitchell
Evan Odoms
Graphic Designer
Maya Sokoloff
Communications Associate

Finance & Administration

Ninoska Diaz
Director, Finance
Senior Accountant
Stefanie Garcia
Human Resource Director, People & Equity
Alicia Grace
Administrative Services Manager
Beth Kantrowitz
Grants and Contracts Manager
Laura Van Wyk
Human Resource Director, Benefits & Compliance

Development & Membership

Megan Ruge
Event Coordinator
Laura Frederick photo
Manager, Foundations & Donor Relationships
A photo of Kathy in a black dress standing on the UVA Rotunda.
Development & Board Associate
Renee West
Administrative & Membership Coordinator