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Linda Breggin

Linda Breggin
Senior Attorney
(202) 558-3102

Linda Breggin is a Senior Attorney with the Environmental Law Institute where she has managed a wide range of environmental law and policy projects for over 15 years. She is also the Project Coordinator for the Nashville Food Waste Initiative – a project of the Natural Resources Defense Council. In addition, Ms. Breggin is an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University Law School where she co-instructs a class in which the students identify innovative environmental law and policy ideas from the academic literature and present them to policymakers and practitioners in the Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review. She is the author of a column, “Around the States,” for The Environmental Forum, ELI’s award-winning policy journal. Ms. Breggin previously served as an Associate Director in the White House Office on Environmental Policy, Counsel to a congressional subcommittee, a Special Assistant in the Office of Enforcement, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Counsel to a large, New York-based law firm. She is a graduate of Tulane University and the University of Chicago Law School.

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  • Chemicals: Toxic Substance Control Act reform; nanotechnology governance
  • Enforcement: environmental enforcement under state and federal laws
  • Industrial Agriculture: water and air pollution; climate; food waste
  • Toxic Waste: Superfund law; brownfields cleanup and redevelopment; toxics release inventory; environmental justice
  • Water: point source and nonpoint source pollution


  • J.D., University of Chicago, 1988
  • B.A., Tulane University, 1984

Selected Publications

  • Columnist, Around the States, (The Environmental Forum 2011- present).
  • Co-author, Big Data Enabling Big Protection for the Environment, Chapter in Big Data Big Challenges in Evidence-Based Policy-Making, K. Jayasuriya (West 2015).
  • Co-Author, Tackling the Problem of CAFOs and Climate Change:  A New Path to Improved Animal Welfare?” Chapter in What Can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law, R. Abate ed. (ELI 2015).
  • Co-Author, Trends in Environmental Law Scholarship 2008-2014, 45 ELR 10731 (2015).
  • Co-Author and Co-Editor, Citizen Action Handbook on Watershed Assessment and Restoration (Tennessee Environmental Council 2015).
  • Co-Author, Big Data and the Environment: A Survey of Initiatives and Observations Moving Forward, 44 ELR 10984 (2014).
  • Co-Author, Big Data and Environmental Protection: An Initial Survey of Public and Private Initiatives (ELI 2014).  
  • Co-Author, Trends in Environmental Law Scholarship 2008-2013, 44 ELR 10657 (2014).
  • Co-Author, Farm Policy and Environmental Protection: It’s Time to Raise the Bar, Harvard Environmental Law Review Blog Post (April 2014).
  • Author/Editor, Interviews with Private Governance Experts, 44 ELR 10102 (2014).
  • Co-Author, It’s Time to Put a Price Tag on the Environmental Impacts of Commodity Crop Agriculture, ELR (2013).
  • Co-Author, Subsidies with Responsibilities:  Placing Stewardship and Disclosure Conditions on Government Payments to Large-Scale Commodity Crop Operations, 37 Harvard Environmental Law Review 487(2013).