Comments from Attendees of Previous Boot Camps

The Course in General

  • "Boot Camp is great. It has provided real training strengths for our younger lawyers who come out of law school with a lot of hopes and aspirations, but need to know the nitty-gritty of environmental law -- Boot Camp has of the very best opportunities that our younger lawyers have had to get a crash course on how to be an environmental lawyer. I highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to train young environmental lawyers who have the kind of enthusiasm you want but still need to learn how to be involved in environmental matters in a very specific way."
  • “What I learned will be useful to me throughout my career.”
  • “I will recommend the course to my peers and to any new attorneys I meet who are interested in environmental law. I had high expectations for the course, and they were met.”
  • “I will highly recommend this class to any practitioner who wants an overview of environmental law or to a new practitioner who is just getting her feet wet.”
  • “I was very favorably impressed. For the most part, there was a great balance between theory and practical reality. That is what is required of such a seminar.”
  • “My overall impression of the course is extremely positive. ELI provided great speakers and wonderful management of the seminar itself.”
  • “A very good course that will be greatly helpful to me in beginning my environmental law practice.”

The Faculty

  • “The best part about this program is undoubtedly the quality of the faculty. My impression is these are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the nation. Very impressive.”
  • “The faculty and curriculum are top notch. I am going back to my firm to find out why more environmental associates have not been to Boot Camp.”
  • “All of the teachers were obviously experts in their fields, were well-prepared, and most were dynamic speakers.”
  • “As a new attorney, I very much appreciated hearing from such a knowledgeable and experienced faculty.”

The Course Materials

  • “The course book is a tremendous resource that I know I will refer to for years to come.”
  • “The course has been very valuable for me, and the materials will be a great reference.”
  • “I really appreciate the detailed outlines—they seem like a great resource for the future.”
  • “I expect to use the course materials very often in practice.”