Experts Guide

Welcome to ELI’s directory of environmental law and policy experts. We are committed to delivering timely, insightful, impartial analysis to opinion makers, including government officials, environmental and business leaders, and journalists. The Institute is fortunate to have staff members with deep expertise in many fields of environmental law and governance both in the United States and internationally. Their general areas of expertise are noted below. Please click on their name or photo for more information about their work and their areas of expertise.
Scott Fulton, President
President, Environmental Law Institute

Expertise: Air, Chemical Regulation, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, International Law, Pollution Control, Water

Jay Austin
Senior Attorney; Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Law Reporter®

Jay Austin has been at ELI since 1992. He is editor-in-chief of ELI’s flagship journal, the Environmental Law Reporter, and directs the Institute’s Program on the Constitution, Courts, and Legislation, which focuses on the intersection of U.S. constitutional and environmental law and trends in the federal courts.

Tobie Bernstein
Senior Attorney; Director, Indoor Environments and Green Buildings Program
Linda Breggin
Senior Attorney; Director of the Center for State, Tribal, and Local Environmental Programs
Carl Bruch
Senior Attorney; Director, International Programs

Carl Bruch’s research focuses on making environmental law work. He has helped countries across Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia develop and implement laws, policies, and institutional frameworks to effectively manage water resources, biodiversity, forests, and other natural resources. He is an authority on the means to manage natural resources to support post-conflict peacebuilding, on environmental governance and institutions, and on ways to prevent, reduce, mitigate, and compensate for damage to the environment during armed conflict.

Rebecca L. Kihslinger
Senior Science and Policy Analyst; Director, Wetlands Program
James M. McElfish, Jr.
Senior Attorney; Director, Sustainable Use of Land Program
John Pendergrass
Vice President, Programs & Publications
Xiao Recio-Blanco
Senior Attorney; Director, Ocean Program
Adam Schempp
Senior Attorney; Director, Western Water Program
Sandra Nichols Thiam
Associate Vice President, Research & Policy; Director, Judicial Education Program
Jessica J. Troell
Senior Attorney; Director, International Water Program; Director, Africa Program