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Beth Kantrowitz

Beth Kantrowitz
Grants and Contracts Manager
(202) 939-3834

Beth Kantrowitz joined ELI in April 2007.  She has served as Grants and Contracts Manager since December 2010, after several years as Development Associate.  As ELI’s Grants and Contracts Manager, Beth is responsible for identification of government and NGO funding opportunities; preparation of budgets and proposals; managing grant paperwork, reporting, and invoicing; and managing the Institute’s subcontracts to research project partners.

Beth holds an undergraduate degree in biology from Cornell University and both an M.S. in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology and an M.P.P. in Environmental Policy from the University of Maryland.  Her previous employers include the Marine Conservation Biology Institute, Center for Sustainable Economy, Defenders of Wildlife, the University of Maryland.  She has served on the Board of Directors of the Prince George’s County, Maryland chapter of the National Audubon Society since 2001, currently serving as Conservation Committee Chair.