Law of Environmental Protection

Law of Environmental Protection booksFor nearly four decades, Law of Environmental Protection has served private, public, nonprofit, and academic practitioners, scholars, educators, students, and more as an invaluable resource on environmental law in the United States. Written by highly experienced attorneys, environmental program administrators, and legal scholars, the treatise features:

  • In-depth explanations and breakdowns of key pollution prevention statutes such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, conservation laws governing natural resources, and procedural requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act and other regimens.
  • Examination of the permitting systems, EPA review programs, licensing, and other key procedural matters involving EPA and other relevant agencies.
  • Pragmatic considerations spanning audits and assessments, reporting and record-keeping requirements, and lender liability issues.
  • Exploration of emerging areas of the law and their significance for a wide range of practitioners and clients, including bioengineering, climate change, and space resources.

New features and recent developments in the Spring 2023 update include:

  • An entirely new chapter dedicated to Nuclear Energy. Inclusion of this topic is a long time in coming and recognizes growing interest in the sector’s potential role in a “just transition” to clean power. Recent developments—including advances in reactor design, congressional
    infusion of budgetary resources, incorporation of environmental justice considerations in agency decision-making, and breakthroughs in fusion technology—contribute to the soaring number of practitioners and policymakers alike seeking to educate themselves on legal and regulatory framework governing this sector.

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