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Tobie Bernstein

Tobie Bernstein
Senior Attorney; Director, Indoor Environments and Green Buildings Program
(202) 939-3869

Tobie Bernstein's work focuses on strengthening policies and programs to reduce indoor air risks and create healthy, high performance buildings. She has done extensive research and writing on state and local policy approaches to improving indoor environmental quality in schools, child care facilities, and homes. She has also analyzed the role of government policies and programs in advancing green design and construction, particularly in the public school sector. 

With ELI since 1992, Tobie was previously a staff attorney at the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau.

For more on Tobie's work at ELI, visit www.eli.org/buildings.


  • Environmental Health: indoor environmental quality—federal, state and local government policies and programs
  • Green Buildings: green buildings—federal, state and local government policies and program


  • J.D., Harvard Law School, 1986
  • B.A., Washington University, 1982

Selected Publications

Indoor Environments and Green Buildings:

Reducing Indoor Exposure to Particle Pollution from Outdoor Sources: Policies and Programs for Improving Air Quality in Homes (2020)

Indoor Air Quality Guide for Tenants (2017)

Addressing Indoor Air Quality in School Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Review of Selected State Policies (Envtl. L. Inst. 2016)

Indoor Air Quality in Homes: State Policies for Improving Health Now and Addressing Future Risks in a Changing Climate (Envtl. L. Inst. 2016)

Reducing Environmental Exposures in Child Care Facilities: An Overview of State Policy (Envtl. L. Inst. 2015)

Topics in School Environmental Health: Overview of State Laws (Envtl. L. Inst. 2013)

Radon in Homes, Strengthening State Policy to Reduce Risk and Save Lives (Envtl. L. Inst. 2012).

School Indoor Air Quality: State Policy Strategies for Maintaining Healthy Learning Environments (Envtl. L. Inst., 2009).

Municipal Green Building Policies: Strategies for Transforming Building Practices in the Private Sector (Envtl. L. Inst., 2008).

Building Healthy, High Performance Schools: A Review of Selected States and Local Initiatives (Envtl. L. Inst., 2003).

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Rental Dwellings: A Review of Policies in Five U.S. Localities (Envtl. L. Inst., 2003).