Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review

Sally Katzen Ethan Shenkman Aditi Prabhu Vanderbilt Student

The Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review (ELPAR) is published annually in the August issue of the Environmental Law Reporter (ELR) in collaboration with the Vanderbilt University Law School (VULS) and the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) in Washington, DC. Each year, Vanderbilt Law students work with an expert advisory committee, senior staff from ELI, and Vanderbilt law professors to identify the year’s best academic articles that present legal and policy solutions to pressing environmental problems.

The result is a one issue, student-edited volume that includes condensed versions of the selected articles, along with commentaries from leading experts from the academy, law firms, business, government and non-governmental organizations.

In conjunction with the publication, ELI and Vanderbilt co-sponsor an annual conference at which the authors of the articles and article commenters present their ideas and views to an audience that includes business, government (federal, state, and local), think tank, and non-profit representatives. 

2021-2022 ELPAR articles: 

2021-2022 Honorable Mention articles: 

2021-2022 Nashville Symposium:

Vanderbilt University Law School hosted the Symposium in late February 2022 to discuss Professor Lee's article. Speakers included: 

Jaime Lee, Associate Professor of Law, Director, Community Development Clinic, University of Baltimore School of Law 
LaTricea D. Adams, Founder CEO, President, Black Millennials for Flint 
Amy Rao Mohan, Member, Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison, PLC
Chandra Taylor-Sawyer, Senior Attorney, Leader, Environmental Justice Initiative, Southern Environmental Law Center 
Jennifer Tribble, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Check out the Symposium page for a recording of the event and more information. 

2021-2022 DC Conference:  

Vanderbilt and ELI co-hosted a virtual conference in late March 2022 to discuss the other three 2021-2022 ELPAR articles. See the Conference agenda and speaker biographies to learn more about the panelists. 

Check out the Conference page for a recording of the event and more information. 

2021-2022 ELPAR Publications:

Top 20 Articles


Data Analysis (coming soon)

Environmental Citizen Suits and the Inequities of Races to the Top, by David Adelman and Jori Reilly-Diakun (condensed version, coming soon) 

  • Comment by Bina Reddy (coming soon) 
  • Comment by Howard Learner (coming soon) 

Turning Participation Into Power: A Water Justice Case Study, by Jaime Lee (condensed version, coming soon) 

  • Comment by LaTricea Adams (coming soon) 
  • Comment by Chandra Taylor-Sawyer (coming soon) 

Caremark and ESG, Perfect Together: A Practical Approach to Implementing an Integrated, Efficient, and Effective Caremark and EESG, by Leo Strine, Kirby Smith, and Reilly Steel (condensed version, coming soon) 

  • Comment by Jonas Kron (coming soon) 
  • Comment by Todd Phillips (coming soon) 

Rethinking Grid Governance for the Climate Change Era, by Shelley Welton (condensed version, coming soon) 

  • Comment by Tom Hassenboehler (coming soon) 
  • Comment by Casey Roberts (coming soon) 
  • Comment by Rebecca Tepper (coming soon)

Holding Polluters Accountable in Times of Climate and COVID Risk: The Problems with "Emergency" Enforcement Waivers, by Victor Flatt (abstract summary, coming soon) 

Bridges to a New Era: A Report on the Past, Present, and Potential Future of Tribal Co-Management on Federal Public Lands, by Monte Mills and Martin Nie (abstract summary, coming soon) 

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