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The Environmental Law Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to make environmental law and policy effective around the world. We depend on contributions from generous donors to support our work.

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"Why I support ELI"



“ELI continues to move environmental law and policy forward by connecting environmental professionals and disseminating cutting edge research, analysis, and resources.”

“Education for professionals and the public about critical issues in environmental law will be absolutely vital in the coming years. ELI is in a unique position to be able to bring together and provide objective data and analysis, as well as connect environmental leaders to work through these environmental law and policy challenges."

Lea Phillips, Ballard Spahr LLP

“Where would we be without ELI? Would these issues of climate change be addressed? Would there be an understanding of environmental justice in a way, I believe, ELI is particularly well suited to address? Would there be the scholarship, would there be the articles written, would the studies be done if ELI weren’t present? I dare say they would not be. Would judges around the world have a place to go for training on environmental issues if ELI did not exist? Would there be a connection with China on critical issues that ELI helps foster, if ELI were not present? I really don’t want to find out!”

Benjamin Wilson, Beveridge & Diamond PC

“One of the proud moments I have felt over the last year or so is watching how ELI is expanding its role in the environmental justice area and looking for opportunities to play, not only the traditional role that it has played of bringing people together and making folks aware of information that can be used in environmental justice actions and activities, but also thinking in terms of how ELI has a role in helping to advance the need for greater justice in our processes and how we approach environmental permitting across the country.”

“ELI has been such a model for me in my professional career, ever since I began doing environmental law in the mid-80s. It does great work both on publications, research, and also creating programming that is always timely in terms of the issues covered and has speakers from a variety of perspectives. I think that is really important. But more important than this, is ELI’s focus on the development of the profession. It continues to play a really important role in helping to develop young lawyers and to encourage students get involved. And then, even as folks develop and change in their own practices, ELI has provided opportunities for people to rethink the way they’ve been doing environmental law as well.”

Brenda Mallory, Southern Environmental Law Center

“ELI has got out in the forefront to investigate issues and to see how law can be used as an important tool for making sure that we do have cleaner water, cleaner air, and a safer environment for people, with a consideration for marginalized communities and disadvantaged communities. ELI is moving the ball forward in terms of helping us to understand how we get from where we are to where we need to be in environmental quality.”

“ELI is such a leader in the field of environmental law, as a clearinghouse for environmental information and the legal resources, tools, and instruments that are so vital for protecting our air, water, and climate, as well as other aspects of our environment.”

Professor Carlton Waterhouse, Howard University School of Law

“ELI’s programs and activities have impressed me deeply. Especially, I am very much impressed by ELI’s China Program. China has begun to have Environmental Public Interest Litigation since 2016, through which, citizen groups can use this mechanism to sue polluters. Because this is a fairly new program people don’t really know how to do it. Using its expertise ELI has partnered with some Chinese organizations to provide hands-on training to Chinese citizen groups, lawyers, environmental officials and even prosecutors and judges so that they can do their job effectively. People really appreciate ELI’s help and look forward to working with ELI in the future.”

“In this society, we need professional voices which are nonpartisan, politically neutral, and reputable in the U.S. and the world. In the field of environmental law and governance, I believe ELI is the best organization that has served such a role.”

Hongjun Zhang, Holland & Knight

“ELI has been a leader in so many programs over the years. One that stands out is the judicial training work. Under the leadership of people like Vice President, Jay Pendergrass, there is now thousands of judges in over 28 different countries that have been trained. During my time as president of ELI, we trained virtually every federal judge in Mexico. We had the staff of the Supreme Court of Mexico come and be with us for several weeks. It’s that kind of effort. It’s that kind of program that has an international aspect to it, which makes ELI so well-grounded and famous.”

“We have any number of wonderful environmental groups, but ELI - because it is non-partisan, because it is dedicated to education, training, publications, and research - is and has been unique. It’s a home for environmental professionals, not just in the United States, but in the world. And it has a footprint that is extraordinary.”

John Cruden, Beveridge & Diamond PC

“ELI is particularly focused in a very effective way in trying to educate people about the environment and move environmental improvements forward. I think this is extraordinarily important.”

“My hope for ELI in the future is that it continues to do what it does, and that it helps to bring the focus on environmental issues to a higher plane in this country.”

“I hope that ELI can continue to bring the message of the importance of environmental protection and the sustainability of our environment.”

Keith Matthews, Wiley Rein LLP

“ELI stands for the rule of law in support of environmental protection. In these days in particular we really need to stand by the rule of law in the service of environmental protection, and ELI is best equipped to bring people together to do that and to recognize how environmental protection and the rest of what we do in society can coexist.”

Kevin Poloncarz, Covington & Burling LLP

“When our most urgent environmental issues - climate change and environmental justice - need immediate and sustained action, when the debate is polarized, when rule of law is under profound strain and stress, the Environmental Law Institute’s approach to problem solving, deep analysis, engaging and searching discussion with numerous experts and information that earns the trust of all. It’s a pillar. It’s a rock-solid foundation for all of us to move forward."

Vicky Patton, Environmental Defense Fund

“ELI is the premier law and policy institution, not only in the United States, but in the world. It focuses on objective information about best practices in environmental law and policy. It brings that information to everyone who needs or wants to use it. ELI is a non-partisan organization. It really is the place to go for the information that people in the profession look for.”

“ELI works with organizations and communities to help them solve their problems the way they want to.”

“You can rely on the information ELI provides to be accurate, to have solid analysis, and to give people the information they need to make critical decisions - whether it's climate change or reducing the unfair effects of pollution on communities of color.”

John Pendergrass, Environmental Law Institute