Helene T. Krasnoff

Helene Krasnoff
Senior Attorney; Director, Climate Judiciary Project

Helene Krasnoff is the Director of ELI’s Climate Judiciary Project (CJP) and is responsible for the leadership, strategy, and management of the project. Prior to joining ELI in 2024, Helene spent more than 20 years at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, working on and leading a team of attorneys who support the Federation and its forty-nine affiliates with respect to public policy matters that implicate the Federation’s mission. 

Helene has litigated and supervised dozens of high-profile cases in all levels of both the federal and state courts on matters that involve complex issues of constitutional, statutory, procedural, and administrative law. She also has extensive experience working with lawmakers on Capitol Hill as well as Executive Branch and state government officials. At the core of her work was presenting scientific facts to decision-makers as well as lay audiences, and Helene is excited to bring these as well her leadership skills to CJP in order to provide judges with the scientific information needed to adjudicate the growing body climate-related litigation.

Helene was previously an associate with the law firm of Arnold & Porter, and she is a graduate of Duke University and the University of Michigan Law School.