ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse

Welcome to ELI’s Environmental Pro Bono Clearinghouse, where we connect attorneys and communities to solve pressing environmental problems. 

The Clearinghouse strives to ensure that communities with viable environmental legal matters get the representation they need, whether that be in a courtroom, in front of an agency, or in a more facilitative or consultative fashion. We do so by connecting individuals, communities, and non-profits with Clearinghouse member attorneys, non-legal experts, law clinics, and more. As a non-advocacy and non-litigating organization, ELI attorneys do not represent clients.  

How the Clearinghouse Works 

The Clearinghouse receives matters from communities, non-profits, and law clinics. Attorneys can in turn search for pro bono opportunities that match with their time availability and legal expertise. The Clearinghouse also acts as a resource to clinics by providing them with a platform to post requests for specific legal expertise, non-legal experts, and local counsel. Submission of a matter or posting of a matter to the Clearinghouse is not a guarantee of representation. 

The Clearinghouse is unable to post criminal or non-viable matters. The Clearinghouse is for pro bono representation. This means representation that is free of charge. To qualify for pro bono services, there are several key considerations. The Clearinghouse is for individuals, communities, and non-profits that would not be able secure legal assistance if not for pro bono assistance. The Clearinghouse is not open for the afore mentioned groups who are able but unwilling to pay for legal services.  

For Submitters


For communities and non-profit organizations, the Clearinghouse is open to groups that could not achieve their goal if not for the pro bono assistance. Additionally, they must have a mission to serve a public interest, including public health, conservation, preservation, redressing systemic environmental ills, etc.  

For individuals, the Clearinghouse is for low-income individuals and people disproportionately affected by environmental issues, often Black, Indigenous, and people of color. 

For Communities and Organizations
For attorneys


The Clearinghouse is an opportunity to use your expertise in support of local communities. 

Attorneys and firms participating in the Clearinghouse may have different guidelines as to what qualifies as pro bono representation. Conversations with individual attorneys or firms will determine if they can or cannot accept certain matters.  

The Clearinghouse also offers a series of continuing legal education webinars on community layering for environmental justice.

For Attorneys

INTERESTED IN PARTNERING WITH ELI ON THIS PROJECT? If you are interested in partnering with us or learning more about our program, please email probono@eli.org or sign up here for more information.

ELI does not assess the efficacy or specifics of the legal matters that may be listed and does not engage in the legal work at any point; ELI is simply a clearinghouse for our members to find potential pro bono environmental matters.