ELI Press Submission Guidelines

In order to consider book proposals, ELI Press requests the following:

  • Table of Contents
  • Any drafted portion of the work the author is willing to share—ELI Press will maintain this and all submitted material in the strictest of confidence
  • Purpose of the book: What is it trying to achieve? What need is it trying to meet?
  • Audience for the book: Who is going to read it?
  • Uniqueness of the book: What are the other books in this field? How is this book different?
Table of Contents

You should include a detailed table of contents with a brief explanation of the main points to be discussed in each chapter. The table of contents can be less than a full outline, but it should give a general sense of the contents and flow of the overall work.

Drafted Work

If any portion of the work has been drafted, you should submit material indicative of the work’s general level of complexity. However, any drafted material that you can show us would suffice—ideally a sample of passages that reflect the work in its entirety (e.g., if the book is replete with charts and graphs, submit a passage that contains charts and graphs).

Raison D’Etre

You should include an explanation of the purpose, audience, and uniqueness of your book.


Why are you writing this book? What are you trying to accomplish? Why is this subject important to you? Is your work intended as a policy piece, a practical guide, or something else?


Who is the target audience of your book? If academia, indicate specific fields or courses that might use your work in class or research. If professional, explain the specific fields and job titles that would be interested in your book. If relevant or feasible, also list specific organizations that might be interested in your work.


What niche does your book fill? What need do your meet that is not currently being address? What other books have been published on similar topics, and how do you view your book’s relationship to its field, both in terms of similarities and differences? What is different about your book? Why would a reader need to consult it?


Please submit the requested information to Rachel Jean-Baptiste via e-mail at jean-baptiste@eli.org or via mail at Environmental Law Institute, 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036.