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Message from the President

Farewell to Environmental Leader Doug Keare

Doug Keare
Doug Keare at the 2018 ELI-Miriam
Hamilton Keare Policy Forum.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of notable environmental leader Douglas Keare on January 8, 2019. Doug Keare was an important member of the ELI family, as a supporter, a leading thinker and doer on urban issues, and the driver behind the annual ELI-Miriam Hamilton Keare Policy Forum. The annual forum—the day of ELI’s Annual Dinner—honors Doug’s mother, noted environmentalist, Miriam Hamilton Keare, and focuses on bringing key stakeholders together to discuss many of the most urgent environmental issues and advance solutions.

Doug himself was an influential thought-leader as a pioneer in developing the World Bank’s urban program for 25 years. A micro-economist, he was the first head of the World Bank unit responsible for urban research and policy, and he also pursued these issues at the Harvard Institute for International Development and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Doug believed in the great potential of cities and worked doggedly to achieve this vision. In his November/December 2013 article for The Environmental Forum, titled Engines of Sustainability, he wrote that “Cities are our greatest hope for the future.” Though based in Washington, DC, for most of his career, he also held important positions in Malaysia and East Pakistan.  

Doug was devoted to ELI. He was integrally involved in both shaping and supporting the Keare Forum each year and was a member of the Leadership Council. He challenged ELI to take on the most pressing environmental issues of the day through his deep thinking and analyses of current environmental impacts and trends. Doug will be greatly missed!

—Scott Fulton

Note: The Keare family will hold a remembrance service later this year.