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Research Reports

ELI publishes Research Reports available for free download that present the analysis and conclusions of the policy studies ELI undertakes to improve environmental law and policy. These reports contribute to education of the profession and disseminate diverse points of view and opinions to stimulate a robust and creative exchange of ideas. Those publications, which express opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Institute, its Board of Directors, or funding organizations, exemplify ELI’s commitment to dialogue with all sectors.

Blindsided by Change: Slow Threats and Environmental Policy

Blindsided by Change: Slow Threats and Environmental Policy

Robert L. Olson, Senior Fellow, Institute for Alternative Futures, and David Rejeski, Director, Technology, Innovation and the Environment Project, Environmental Law Institute
January 2017

Some threats to the environment, like acid rain and stratospheric ozone depletion, emerged fairly rapidly, and abrupt threats like an oil or toxic chemical spill demand an immediate response. But most environmental problems have the opposite character: they involve slow threats where small, hardly noticeable changes add up over time to produce large impacts. Read More >