Summary Report on Stakeholder Workshops and Meetings Held in Belize June 12-16, 2023

Environmental Law Institute, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative, MRAG Americas, & Sea Around Us
Date Released
July 2023
Title page for Belize Fisheries Project Report.  Includes logos for each of the partner organizations, the title, and a table of contents.

As promised during our meetings and stakeholder workshops on the week of June 12th, the Belize Fishery Project team is pleased to share our Summary Report on Stakeholder Workshops and Meetings, which had a primary aim of sharing draft project findings with fishers to exchange information and understand fishers’ experiences. We had the opportunity to present our draft findings to representatives of the government. We are working with the government to plan and conduct technical discussions on the methodologies, data, and findings thus far of the project. We will also post our Full Workshop Report, covering the results of the workshops and meetings in more detail, on this site in the coming weeks.

El informe está disponible en español también.

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