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Publications from ELI's Food Waste Initiative


Project: Food Waste Co-Digestion at Water Resource Recovery Facilities: Business Case Analysis


Toolkit for Decision-Making

Framework for Decision Making to Adopt Co-Digestion (Chapter 3)

    • Diagnostic Screening Questions: Assessing Fit, Opportunities and Impediments for WRRF Food Waste Co-Digestion (compiled from Chapter 3)

Case Studies

Lessons Learned

State Profiles: Policy Portfolios and WRRF Co-Digestion Adoption (Chapter 10)

WRRF Perspective: Lessons Learned (Chapter 11)


Appendix A: Diagnosing the Policy Context for Co-Digestion at WRRFs

Appendix D: Tools for Assessing the Business Case

Appendix E: Investment Decision-making: Financial and Triple-Bottom Line Criteria and Metrics

Appendix F: Federal and State Programs Providing Grants and Loans

Appendix G: WRF Research Projects on Co-Digestion


Webinar and Articles:


Project: Nashville Food Waste Initiative




Reduce, Rescue, and Recycle: Other Publications


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