Water Quality Program

Water quality depends upon well-defined water quality standards and criteria, consistent and well-constructed monitoring and evaluation programs, and a legal framework that produces effective incentives to control public and private activities that may result in water pollution and the degradation of aquatic habitat.

Featured Areas of Expertise and Resources:

  • Non-Point Source Pollution Research: ELI studies ways to address non-point sources of water pollution, primarily through innovative uses of state and local laws, and examination of synergies among cost-sharing, technical assistance, enforcement, and liability.
  • CWA 303(d) Program Resource Center: ELI promotes effective implementation of the CWA by providing training workshops, reports on innovations in CWA 303(d) Program execution, and a library of resources that assist states, tribes, and territories in the listing of impaired waters and development and implementation of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).