CWA 303(d) Resource Library

Welcome to the Environmental Law Institute’s Resource Library for the listing of impaired waters and development and implementation of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). Please follow the links below to access the noted materials. If you would like to add content to the library, please contact

State and Territorial Prioritization Frameworks: Browse the documents detailing how states and territories are prioritizing waters for restoration and protection.

The Compendium of Approaches to Evaluating the Water Quality Effects of TMDL Implementation: Download this document that highlights the diversity of approaches used by states, conveys lessons learned, details terminology challenges, and identifies relevant resource materials.

The Compendium of Approaches to Clean Water Communication: Access websites, interactive maps, videos, presentations, flyers, and other approaches that states, territories, and tribes have used to communicate with the public about water quality.

The Compendium of State Approaches to Protection: Access this Story Map providing examples of various ways that state CWA 303(d) programs have sought to protect healthy waters.

The Compendium of Water Quality Restoration Approaches: Download this document organizing examples of successful water quality restoration efforts by the problem(s) addressed and the method(s) used to solve them.

Outreach Materials: Access documents, presentations and videos used to explain elements of the CWA 303(d) program, related efforts and results to stakeholders and the general public.

State-NRCS MOUs Regarding Information Sharing: Find examples of memorandums of understanding between state CWA 303(d) programs and the Natural Resources Conservation Service concerning data sharing.

For more information, see also EPA’s CWA 303(d) wesbsite: