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CWA 303(d) Program Resource Center

Welcome to the Environmental Law Institute’s Resource Center for the listing of impaired waters and development and implementation of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). This website is intended to provide everyone, from the interested citizen to seasoned practitioners, easier access to the documents, innovative ideas, practical examples, and contacts central to effective restoration and protection of America’s waters.

Library: Browse document collections, research and analysis tools, reports on technical and programmatic innovations, and more.

Training Workshops: ELI annually convenes staff from state and territorial CWA 303(d) programs and tribal water quality programs from across the country to address means of improving program function and outcomes. Access materials from these training workshops, including presentations, related documents, and detailed reports of the proceedings.

Connect with Your Local Program: Find out more about what is going on in your state or territory and whom to contact regarding impaired waters listing or TMDLs.