Brownfields Resources

One of the primary goals of the Brownfields Center is to facilitate the exchange of information among groups and communities working on brownfields issues and to increase the ability of community groups to participate effectively in brownfields redevelopment. On this page are links to resources that will aid in the process.

  • Organization Database: The Brownfields Organization Database contains information on hundreds of brownfield groups, programs, and companies, and is searchable in a variety of ways. You may want to search for local government brownfield initiatives in your community, community groups nearby that have successfully completed brownfield projects, brownfield developers in your area, or any number of other groups that could help you in you brownfields cleanup and development efforts.
  • Brownfields Glossary: The Brownfields Glossary contains plain English descriptions of key terms associated with brownfields remediation and redevelopment.
  • Brownfields FAQs: Brownfields FAQs (frequently asked questions) are some of the questions most commonly posed about brownfields remediation and redevelopment.
  • Brownfields Bibliography: The Brownfields Bibliography provides references to sources of more information on brownfields and, in many cases, notes on how to obtain the listed publications.
  • Brownfields Tool Kit: The Brownfields Center also provides the material hand-outs or "toolkits" from ELI-sponsored brownfields workshops and trainings.
    • Clearwater, Florida Workshop Toolkit: The Clearwater, Florida Workshop Tool Kit serves as the resource for the June 2004 Building Sustainable Communities: From Brownfields to Healthy People Workshop, which educated community leaders from various sectors and prompted successful discussion. While the majority of the materials in the Florida Workshop Toolkit concern the local state, all of the examples are applicable to other communities and situations across the U.S.
    • New Bedford Massachusetts Workshop Toolkit: A second ELI-sponsored workshop held in 2004, The Future of Community Health through Brownfields Redevelopment, offered the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts a similar opportunity to explore the link between public health issues and urban redevelopment challenges. The New Bedford, Massachusetts Workshop Tool Kit stands as a user-friendly reference for facts on brownfields laws (on the local, state, and federal levels), brownfields contamination, public participation, public health concerns, and innovative solutions.
  • Brownfields Basics: Brownfields Basics provides foundational information on the topic of brownfields. This page can help identify a brownfield, answer basic questions on the topic, and provide key resources and actors in the field.