2018 National Training Workshop on CWA 303(d) Listing & TMDLs - Presentations and Materials

Session 1: Nutrients Overview

The National Perspective on Nutrients - Tom Wall (EPA HQ)


Session 2: Nutrients Breakouts


How can waters best be assessed for nutrient impacts using narrative criteria?

Pennsylvania Eutrophication Cause Determination Protocol - Dustin Shull (PA)

State of Alabama Lake & Reservoir Criteria and Nutrient Management Successes - Jennifer Haslbauer (AL)

Assessing for Nutrient Impacts Using Narrative Criteria - Michelle Probasco (KS)

Nutrient Assessments Using Narrative Criteria in New Mexico - Heidi Henderson (NM)


How can the role of nutrients best be captured in biological impairments?

Nutrient Assessment in Streams - Julie Espy (FL)

Indiana’s Water Quality Assessment Methodology to Determine Aquatic Life Use Support & Indiana’s TMDL Program Priority Framework - Marylou Renshaw (IN)

Literature-Based Synthesis of Nutrient Stressor-Response Relationships to Inform Assessment, Monitoring, and Criteria Development in Rivers and Streams - Kate Schofield (EPA HQ)


How can nutrient TMDLs best be developed as a translation of a narrative standard, generally?

Kansas TMDLs Developed as a Translation to Narrative Standards - Trevor Flynn (KS)

How Can Nutrient TMDLs Best Be Developed as a Translation of a Narrative Standard? - Mari Piekutowski & Rahel Babb (OH)


What is the best way to develop nutrient TMDLs for algae-related impairments in lakes?

Nutrient TMDLs for Algae-Related Impairments to Lakes - Kevin Kirsch (WI)


What steps are helpful to take in developing “alternatives” for nutrient impairments?

Notes on Tennessee’s 5-alt Approach - David Duhl (TN)

Kishacoquillas Creek Alternative Restoration Plan One-Pager - Scott Heidel (PA)


Session 4: Supporting Nonpoint Source Implementation

§319 Nonpoint Source and TMDLs Co-Implementation - Lynda Hall (EPA HQ)


Session 5: Supporting Permitting

Interfacing Nutrient TMDLs with NPDES or “After 6 Years of the Vision, How the Hell Did We Miss This?” - Tom Stiles (KS)

Commonwealth of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed General Permit - Allan Brockenbrough (VA)

TMDLs Supporting Permitting and Alternative Compliance - Kevin Kirsch (WI)


Session 6a: Small Group Training I


ATTAINS User Interface I: Data Entry and Batch Upload

Exercise 1 - Creating an Assessment Unit

Exercise 2 - Batch Upload Assessment Unit Info

Exercise 3 - Entering Assessment Information Part 1

Exercise 4 - Entering Assessment Information Part 2


Water Quality Portal Data Discovery and Data Analysis Tools

Water Quality Portal Data Tools


Citizen Science

Arizona Water Watch: Citizen Science Water Quality Program - Jade Dickens (AZ)

The Role of Citizen Science in Nutrient TMDL Development for Sanibel Slough - Ansel Bubel (FL)

Utah Water Watch - Carl Adams (UT)

LaRosa Partnership Program - Sean Regalado (VT)



Alternatives under the 303(d) Vision - Chris Hunter (EPA HQ)

North Dakota’s Alternative Plans - Heather Husband (ND)

TMDL Alternatives - Chris Loft (TX)


The IR Transition

TN 2018 ATTAINS Experience - Richard Cochran (TN)

2018 Transition Year for IR - Alan Wittmuss (SD)

New Mexico’s ATTAINS Story - Lynette Guevara (NM)


Session 6b: Small Group Training II



Intro to Water Quality Modeling - Tim Wool (EPA R4)


Managing Large Datasets with R

Automated Assessment: Managing Large Data Sets with R - Jack Pflaumer (NJ)

Using Storet Data in R - Louis Reynolds (EPA R3)



Water Quality Monitoring - Sarah Lehmann (EPA HQ)


Session 6c: Small Group Training III



Kansas Protection TMDLs - Tom Stiles & Trevor Flynn (KS)

Lake Protection and Prioritization - Scott MacLean (MN)

Working Draft of Protection FAQs


CWA 303(d) TAS

Tribal Treatment in a Similar Manner as States (TAS) for the CWA 303(d) Program - Jim Havard (EPA HQ)

TAS Application Template for the CWA Section 303(d) Impaired Water Listing and TMDL Program


Stressor Identification

Rapid Causal Assessment - Sue Norton (EPA HQ)

Identifying Stressors to Aquatic Biota - Sean Regalado (VT)

MD’s Biological Stressor Identification (BSID) Analysis - Jeff White (MD)


ATTAINS for Managers

ATTAINS for Managers - Dwane Young (EPA HQ)


Session 8: Communication

Citizen Science and Technology: There’s an App for That! - Jade Dickens (AZ)

Story Map: Looking Below the Surface - Dustin Shull (PA)

Draft 2018 Pennsylvania Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report - Dustin Shull (PA)

Communicating with the Public via BAGs and WAGs - Amy Steimke & Graham Freeman (ID)


Session 9: How’s My Waterway?

Telling the Water Story - Dwane Young & Kiki Schneider (EPA HQ)


Training Workshop Wrap-Up

Data Management Training Wrap-Up - Dwane Young

CWA 303(d) Workshop: Key Takeaways - Jim Havard (EPA HQ)


For presentations and materials from the Water Quality Data Management Meeting, please click here.