Law Clinics

There are several ways in which law clinics can engage with the Clearinghouse. The first way is to submit matters to the Clearinghouse. We know that clinics often receive more requests for help than they can take on. The Clearinghouse is happy to post these previously vetted matters. The Clearinghouse is unable to post criminal or non-viable matters. The Clearinghouse is for individuals, communities, and non-profits that would not be able to secure legal assistance if not for pro bono assistance. Additionally, they must have a mission to serve public interest, including public health, conservation, preservation, addressing systemic environmental ills, etc.  

The Clearinghouse can also post requests for specialized legal expertise, additional person power, non-legal experts, etc. Please use this form to submit any matters or additional requests.  

The Clearinghouse also serves as a place for clinics to find additional matters for their students, should the need arise. To join the Clearinghouse and see all open matters, please use this form 

The Clearinghouse is in the process of learning how it can best work with law clinics. If you are a clinic that would like to establish a partnership with the Clearinghouse, please email us at