Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - National Wetlands Awards

Nomination Process

What is an initial nomination form?

An initial nomination form provides a brief summary of the nominee’s accomplishments and why those accomplishments are significant. The summary should be a maximum of 800 words. Nominators may discuss the projects and work that the nominee has done, the significance of it on a local, state, or national level, and why the nominee merits recognition. Initial nomination forms will be accepted for the next awards in 2025. If a nominee is selected as a finalist, the nominator will then be requested to submit a full nomination.

How do initial and final nomination forms differ?

Initial nomination forms are the first stage in the nomination process. They are intended to be short (they should be no longer than 800 words). If the nominee is selected as a finalist, then a final nomination form will be requested.

If I was not invited to submit a final nomination form, may I still elect to submit one?

No, only the nominators of finalists (as determined by the Selection Committee based on a review of the initial nomination form may submit full nominations for the Committee’s review.

In how many categories can I nominate an individual?

Nominators can suggest ONE category for their nominee. Please check the nomination form for a description of the categories.


May I nominate myself for a National Wetlands Award?

No, self-nominations are not accepted.

Are organizations eligible for nomination?

No, only individuals are eligible to be nominated for the National Wetlands Awards.

Are federal employees eligible for nomination?

No, federal employees are not eligible.

Can I nominate an individual that is a former federal employee?

Yes, but the work that warrants nomination must have occurred after the individual’s tenure as a federal employee.

May an individual be nominated for an award more than once?

Absolutely. Due to the competitive nature of the National Wetlands Awards, many winners were nominated multiple times before ultimately winning. If your nomination was unsuccessful, we encourage you to resubmit your nomination.

Selection Process

Will awards be given in every category?

Not necessarily. Each year, the Selection Committee will determine which categories have qualified candidates based on the nominations received and select which awards should be given.

Submitting Nominations

Is there a limit on the number of people I can nominate?

No, if the nominees meet the NWA’s eligibility requirements, there is no limit to how many people you can nominate.

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