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ELI's Training Program in Judicial Specialization for the Protection of Environmental Rights

Program Information

Phase I (August 20-24)
Phase II (September 24-28)
Phase III (October 22-26)

Phase I

Supreme Court Program Agenda

Study Materials

Introduction to the Program
Supreme Court of Justice and Environmental Law Institute

Science Supporting Environmental Law and Policy
Dr. Jose Sarukhán

Environmental Protection in Courts: Standing in Citizen Suits and Class Actions
Judge Carlos Lucero

Environmental Litigation
John Cruden

The Right to a Healthy Environment, Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development
Barry Hill

Class Actions and Other Remedies for Environmental Protection
Judge Carlos Lucero, John Cruden, Judge Merideth Wright, Magistrate Jean Claude Tron
Moderated by: Dr. Jose Roldán Xopa

Basic Principles of Environmental Law
John Pendergrass

International Environmental Law and Enforcement
Roger Martella

International Environmental Law in the Mexican Legal System and Enforcement
Wilehaldo Cruz

Comparative Law
Wilehaldo Cruz and Roger Martella

Judicial Perspectives on Environmental Damage
Judge Merideth Wright

Balancing Rights for Environmental Protection
Magistrate Jean Claude Tron Petite

Environmental Damage in the Mexican Legal System
Consuelo Juaréz

Climate Change: The Facts and Implications for Mexico
Dr. Fernando Tudela

Economic Valuation of the Environment
Juan Manuel Torres

Value and Threats to Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Mexico
Presentation One
Presentation Two
Julia Carabias

Closing Remarks
Supreme Court of Justice and Environmental Law Institute

Institute for Juridical Research Program Agenda

Study Materials

Inauguration of the Seminar
Carlos Vázquez, Monica Contró, John Cruden

Environmental Litigation
John Cruden

Environmental Protection in Courts: Standing in Citizen Suits and Class Actions
Judge Carlos Lucero

Panel: Right to a Healthy Environment in the Mexican Legislation and Jurisprudence
Dra. María del Carmen Carmona, Gustavo Alanís

The Right to a Healthy Environment, Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development
Barry Hill

Panel: Challenges in Access to Environmental Justice: Emblematic Cases in Mexico
Roger Martella

The Precautionary Principle in Courts: EPA vs. Massachusetts
Roger Martella

Panel: Environmental Damage Restoration and Removal of Economic Benefits
Judge Merideth Wright, Magistrate Neófito López Ramos, Lourdes Hernández

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Phase II


Faculty Information

Study Materials

Visit to the Committee on the Judiciary U.S. House of Representatives

"The Public Trust Doctrine"

International Regime for the Protection of Biodiversity

Climate Change

Visit to the Environmental Appeals Board

Protection of Water Rights and Wetlands

Hazardous Substances and Brownfields

International Courts and Environmental Protection

Visit to the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights: Human Rights and the Environment

Criminal Prosecution of Environmental, Wildlife and Natural Resource Cases

Evidence in Environmental Cases

Environmental Economics

Visit to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims

Class Actions and Citizen Suits for Environmental Protection

Environmental Damage Assessment and Restoration

Administrative Law

Trade and the Environment

"Remedies" Including Court Orders, Penalties, Compensation, and Removal of Economic Benefit

Enforcement of Judicial Decisions

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Phase III

Study Materials

The Tragedy of the Commons

Constitutional System for the Environment

Collective Actions

Mexico's Judicial System for Energy

Protected Areas, Carrying Capacity and Acceptable Change Limits as Unstruments Available for Valuing Biodiversity

Judicial System for Environmental Restoration

Competencies of the Three Orders of Government in the Field of Climate Change

Economic Instruments for Assessing Environmental Damage

The Economics of Climate Change

Indigenous Towns and the Environment

The Rights of Indigenous Communities

Environmental Crimes and the Environmental Constitutional System

Crimes Against the Environment and Environmental Management

Structural Analysis of Environmental Law in the Mexican legal system, from the standpoint of Environmental Damage

Climate Change and its Impact on International and National Legal Systems

Judicial Review of Administrative Acts

Integration of the International Legal System for the Protection of the Environment to the National Legal System

Planning of Court Cases and Management of Evidence Rules

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