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About this Initiative

In the past 50 years, environmental law has made great strides in improving public health and environmental quality in the United States. However, people of color and low-income communities are still are disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards. ELI's platform as a think-and-do tank offers a unique platform for exploring solutions to environmental injustice. Through thoughtful and inclusive research and high-quality educational programming, ELI explores how best to address environmental inequities in order to create healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities.


Since the early 1990s, ELI has worked on environmental justice with local and state governments to advance understanding of environmental justice legal methods. See our Resources tab for more information on our past work.

ELI's current initiative conducts research on innovative practices for ensuring meaningful consideration and inclusion of vulnerable populations in environmental decision-making, law, and policy. See our Projects tab for information on our current research efforts and our Blog page for more on environmental justice.


For 50 years, ELI has provided high quality educational programs to lawyers, law students, governments, community organizations and policymakers.

Educational programs for the legal community through the Environmental Justice Initiative provide solutions and strategies for addressing environmental injustices and creating equitable environmental outcomes.

In addition, ELI provides tailored educational programs for community organizations and local, state, and international governments, and other interested stakeholders on strategies and approaches advancing for environmental equity in law and policy.


Listening to, collaborating with, and supporting community organizations and grassroots solutions to environmental injustice.

Conducting work that advances environmental justice and equity in public and private governance.

Sharing our resources widely and making them accessible.

Acknowledging equity as key to effective environmental law.

Providing transparency about our work, process, and partnerships.


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