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Climate & Energy Program

Global scientific consensus confirms that we are experiencing climate change, human actions are driving that change, and ecosystems and human society must adapt to these alterations. Although questions remain about the timing, location, and severity of the impacts, legal, institutional, and policy responses to mitigate and adapt to climate change need to be crafted and implemented now. At the same time, the connection between energy and environmental harm is ever more clear, both in the context of climate and traditional environmental concerns such as air and water pollution and land use.

ELI is harnessing our 40 years of experience in developing and implementing environmental laws, policies, and institutions to address the threats posed by climate change and the opportunities posed by new energy resources. ELI’s Land & Biodiversity ProgramOcean ProgramInvasive Species Program, Industrial Agriculture Law and Policy Center, and International Waters Program are already developing tools and building capacity to respond to climate change. By engaging a broad range of stakeholders in research, capacity building, and technical and legal assistance, we seek to mitigate the causes of climate change and strengthen capacity to adapt to climate change.

Through our climate and energy work, ELI seeks to enhance the resilience of communities and ecosystems around the world and to ensure new energy sources can be exploited while protecting and enhancing ecosystem health. In particular, ELI programs: