Land & Biodiversity Program

The pattern and location of land development in the United States often results in higher costs for public services, the decline of cities and older suburbs, and the rapid conversion of working farms and forests to developed areas. Destruction and fragmentation of natural habitats have become the most significant perils to economically and ecologically valuable species, while disturbances to the nation’s lands and waters create opportunities for invasive species to proliferate. All of these adverse results are avoidable and can be prevented by well-considered policy responses that provide choices and protect livelihoods while safeguarding the environment on which we rely.

ELI’s Land & Biodiversity Program focuses on four areas:

  • The Sustainable Use of Land Program works to advance sustainable use by integrating development and infrastructure decision-making with long-term natural resource goals.

  • The Invasive Species Program works to promote policies that prevent the introduction of invasive species and minimize the harm caused by them.

  • The Ecosystem Services Program comprises a range of successful ELI programs that identify and pursue successful strategies for ecosystem-based governance and management.

  • The Biodiversity Conservation Program seeks to improve biodiversity protection by identifying obstacles to and opportunities for conservation of biological diversity on the state and local levels.

Land & Biodiversity
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