2017 National Training Workshop on CWA 303(d) Listing & TMDLs Presentations



Session 1: Water Quality Framework

Overview of the Water Quality Framework - Dwane Young (EPA HQ) [originally prepared in Prezi]


Session 2: The CWA 303(d) TAS Rule

Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 303(d) Treatment in a Similar Manner as States (TAS) Rule: Increasing Opportunities for Tribes in Water Quality Restoration and Protection - Ruth Chemerys (EPA HQ)

Treatment as a State for §303(d) Authority - Nancy Schuldt (FdL)

State and Tribal Cooperative Work at Red Lake Reservation, MN - Shane Bowe (RLN) and James Courneya (MN) 


Session 4: Innovations in TMDL Development

Hydrology Calibration with PRISM - Mindy Ramsey (WV)

TMDL Prioritization, Public Process, and Streamlining - Erin Rasnake (FL)

TMDL Calculators Facilitate Allocation - Wade Cantrell (SC)


Small Group Trainings

The Monthly Water Balance Model Futures Project and Portal - Andrew Bock (USGS)

Preliminary Healthy Watersheds Assessments & RPS Tools - Doug Norton (EPA HQ)

Causal Assessment, Stressor Identification, and CADDIS - Sue Norton (EPA HQ) and Kate Schofield (EPA HQ)


Session 7: Urban Waters

Using CADDIS for Causal Assessment in Urban Streams - Kate Schofield (EPA HQ)

Communicating the Challenges of Urban Streams Through Better Biological Assessments - Will Isenberg (VA)

Moving Beyond Assessments to Successful Implementation: Tools for Use with Urban Waters - Traci Iott (CT)

Leveraging Policy & Public Funds to Restore Waters in the District of Columbia - Jeff Seltzer (DC)

EPA's Urban Waters Program - Roy Simon (EPA HQ)


Session 8: Nonpoint Source Integration

The Bad Axe Creek TMDL/WMP Hybrid - Molly Rippke (MI)

Update: Nebraska's 5-Alt - Laura Johnson (NE)

Prairie Dog Creek Watershed Plan to TMDL - Sol Brich (WY)