2016 National Training Workshop on CWA 303(d) Listing & TMDLs Presentations

Session 1: Vision Priorities – Lessons and Next Steps

Overview of State Prioritization Frameworks - Adam Schempp (ELI)


Session 2: The ATTAINS Redesign

Overview of the ATTAINS Redesign and Its Progress - Shera Reems (EPA HQ)


Session 3: Data Discovery and Assessment Tools

Data Assessment for CWA 303(d) Listing in South Carolina - Wade Cantrell (SC)


Session 4: Effectiveness Monitoring

Assessment Goal – Effectiveness Monitoring - Rosaura Conde (EPA HQ)

Using Probabilistic Monitoring to Assess the Effectiveness of Stream Management Efforts - Larry Willis (VA)

Integration of NY’s Monitoring Program into NY’s Vision Approach - Ken Kosinski (NY)


Session 5: Monitoring Data Challenges and Solutions

Registration Responses Regarding Monitoring - Adam Schempp (ELI)


Session 6: Protecting Healthy Waters

A Preliminary Conceptual Framework for the CWA 303(d) Vision’s Protection Goal - Doug Norton (EPA HQ)


Session 7: Alternatives – Work in Progress

Alternatives under the CWA 303(d) Program Vision – A Few Key Reminders - Menchu Martinez (EPA HQ)

Joint Principles of NPS and 303(d) Program Coordination on Watershed Based Plans as Alternatives under 303(d) Program - Lynda Hall (EPA HQ) and Jim Havard (EPA HQ) 

Region 6 Coordination on Reviewing NPS-only Watershed Plans as Category 5-Alternatives - Richard Wooster (EPA R6)

Nebraska’s Approach to Alternatives - Laura Johnson (NE) and Tabatha Adkins (EPA R7)

Session 11a: Integration with Other Programs – MS4 Permitting

Update on EPA Efforts to Support Translating TMDLs into Stormwater Permit Requirements - Jamie Fowler (EPA HQ) and Greg Schaner (EPA HQ)


Session 11b: Integration with Other Programs – Cleanup Efforts

“WQS… we’re supposed to meet standards?” - Jason Sutter (AZ)