Technology, Innovation and the Environment Program

The next generation of environmental challenges and opportunities will be shaped by shifts in the way we think, make, and innovate. ELI’s Technology, Innovation, and the Environment Program focuses on how we can better understand the environmental impacts and opportunities created through emerging technologies and their underlying innovation systems, structural changes in the economy, and new roles for the public in environmental research and protection. 

The program's current initiatives include: 

network for the digital economy and the environment logo

The Network for the Digital Economy and the Environment (NDEE) catalyzes and disseminates research on the energy and environmental impacts of the digital economy. Current research priorities center on the environmental impacts of artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, the Internet of Things, e-commerce, and digital sharing platforms. For more information go to:

Greentech Conference

The GreenTech initiative focuses on the law and policy surrounding the technology transition underlying environmental action today. GreenTech hosts an annual leadership conference on technological change and environmental protection. For more information go to: