Pro Bono Practitioners

FOR ATTORNEYS: We help you find new pro bono opportunities to tackle environmental challenges. Whether it’s helping a local community form a new organization to deal with environmental problems, arguing in front of the local zoning board, or filing impact litigation, this Clearinghouse offers numerous ways to engage in subject-matter relevant environmental pro bono work to support communities in need. 

Communities and Organizations

The Clearinghouse provides a simple way for you to share environmental matters for which you need pro bono legal support and helps to connect you with attorneys who can provide those legal services. For now, we will only connect our members with matters that have first been vetted by a law clinic, legal organization, Clearinghouse partner, or an individual attorney authorized to practice law.

Law Clinics

FOR ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CLINICS: We post the matters you have already vetted but cannot take on due to limited resources or because they are outside your scope of work or, alternat

Pro Bono Clearinghouse FAQ
  1. What is the ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse?

    The Clearinghouse is an easy way for communities that need pro bono support for their environmental legal issues to connect with attorneys and experts willing and able to help them. The major goal of the ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse is to address our nation’s vast “legal deserts” where communities do not have ready access to the legal support they need.

  2. What role does ELI itself play?