When Software Rules: Rule of Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Dave Rejeski, Lovinia Reynolds, and Sarah Wright
Date Released
February 2018
When Software Rules: Rule of Law in the Age of Artificial Intellegence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how our society operates. AI now helps make judiciary decisions, medical diagnoses, and drives cars. The use of AI in our society also has important environmental implications. AI can help improve resource use, improve energy efficiency, predict extreme weather events, and aid in scientific research. But while AI has the potential to improve human interaction with the environment, AI can also exacerbate existing environmental issues. Some form of governance is needed to ensure that AI is deployed in a manner that is beneficial for our environment. This report, from ELI's Technology, Innovation, and the Environment Program, provides a brief history of AI and discusses current concerns with AI systems. It also provides an overview of potential environmental applications to AI and discusses different possible forms of semiformal and formal governance. Lastly, the report provides the private AI sector, programmers, governments, and the public a set of recommendations on how AI governance can include consideration of environmental impacts.

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