Municipal Green Building Policies: Strategies for Transforming Building Practices in the Private Sector

Tobie Bernstein
Date Released
April 2008
Municipal Green Building Policies: Strategies for Transforming Building Practice

The past few years have seen a tremendous surge in municipal green building policies. A growing number of local governments recognize that changing building practices is important not only for conserving scarce natural resources and preventing pollution, but also for improving health and productivity and achieving economic sustainability. This report reviews more than 30 municipal policies that aim to advance green building in the private sector by (1) establishing mandatory green building criteria; (2) providing expedited review as an incentive for green building; or (3) offering other direct financial incentives for green building, including grants, fee waivers, tax breaks, and bonus development. The main body of the report provides an overview of these three policy strategies, presenting the key considerations for developing an effective policy and noting examples from individual municipalities. The three Appendices present detailed individual summaries of each policy included in the report.

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