Indoor Environments Program

Since the early 1990s, ELI’s Indoor Environments Program has helped advance policies and programs that make buildings healthier places to live, learn, and work, with a focus on improving indoor air quality. We provide a variety of materials – from in-depth research reports to policy briefs and compilations of state laws and regulations – that build on advances in public health science and building science. Read more about the Program.

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State Law Surveys

State Law Surveys collect and describe state laws and regulations across the U.S. and are updated periodically:

Database of State Indoor Air Quality Laws

Topics in School Environmental Health: Compilation of State Laws

Research Reports

Research Reports examine lessons learned from existing state and local policies and programs and offer recommendations for developing effective approaches in core areas of indoor environments and green buildings policy.

Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs highlight important indoor environmental and green building issues that have captured the attention of state policy makers. Each Brief is updated periodically throughout the year to provide an overview of the issue and summaries of policies enacted to date.

Innovative State Programs

Profiles of Innovative State Programs describe innovative informational resources developed by state agencies working to protect and improve indoor air quality. The Profiles highlight resources that can be adapted and used in other jurisdictions to promote healthy buildings.