Legal and Policy Tools to Adapt Biodiversity Management to Climate Change (Vietnamese version)

Daniel Schramm, Scott Schang, Carl Bruch, and Lisa Goldman
Date Released
July 2011

This is the Vietnamese language version of the Resource Manual. The Manual is also available in:


This Resource Manual is a call to use available legal tools, ranging from laws to policies, to adapt biodiversity management to better withstand the effects of climate change. Written for resource managers, policymakers, scientists, academics, civil society groups, and others affected by climate change, it explains how legal frameworks can be adapted to meet changing climate conditions that threaten biodiversity protection. Because the impacts of climate change are highly localized and uncertain, the manual is designed to offer a range of options for managing natural resources that can be adapted to a variety of contexts and capacities. Using the principles of adaptive, ecosystem-based management, it shows how legal frameworks, regulatory programs, and management plans can provide a more resilient approach for long-term, sustainable resource governance in the face of climate change. Many of the principles and dynamic models of governance presented in the manual are relevant outside the context of biodiversity and natural resources management, and can be applied in other areas of law and policy.

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