Addressing Environmental Site Hazards at Child Care Facilities: A Review of State Policy Strategies

Tobie Bernstein
Date Released
May 2018

Environmental site hazards may arise from contamination caused by historical uses of a property, or from nearby activities that remain a source of pollution or other environmental health concerns. Identifying and remedying such hazards before a child care facility is licensed, as well as during facility operations, can help prevent and reduce harmful exposures to staff and children.  It is especially important to prevent environmental exposures to young children, because their developing bodies may make them more vulnerable to the effects of contaminants.

This paper aims to assist policymakers, agency officials, and others interested in considering how state policies and programs can prevent and address exposure to environmental site hazards at licensed child care facilities. The paper describes existing state laws, regulations, and voluntary initiatives and highlights considerations for developing new policies and programs to advance safe siting.

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