Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN)

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Local governments play an indispensable role in protecting our environment. Local environmental agencies work hard to ensure that city residents enjoy clean water, fresh air, and safe living conditions. Federal laws and regulations impose requirements on local governments that are intended to help achieve these important goals. Especially in smaller and more remote areas, local governments may face challenges in complying with all the federal (as well as state) environmental requirements. Challenges range from understanding regulations to finding the capital necessary to finance their endeavors. Likewise, community members may also struggle to know how they can best advocate for communities in this complex system.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) to help local governments understand and comply with federal requirements. LGEAN is a “first-stop shop” for local environmental managers that gathers useful resources on federal environmental laws, regulations, technical requirements, and financing—on a single, easily accessible platform. The Environmental Law Institute assumed administration of LGEAN, beginning in 2020, under a cooperative agreement.

Leveraging its 50 years of experience supporting local governments, promoting community engagement, and collaborating with a wide network of local government, environmental justice, and community stakeholders, ELI is:

  • Developing new content, including easy-to-read fact sheets and exemplary case studies in local compliance on topics ranging from stormwater pollution and air quality to climate and sustainable communities;
  • Creating dynamic educational programming, including podcasts and webinars;
  • Connecting local environmental managers and EPA subject matter experts to respond to technical inquiries;
  • Empowering communities to get involved and take part in addressing local pollution and environmental inequity; and
  • Alerting local officials to new funding opportunities and environmental financing tools.


LGEAN Podcast

Check out Today’s Local Environment—the Compliance Podcast. Hosted by ELI’s LGEAN team, this series features experts from EPA and beyond sharing their insights and resources for local governments looking to improve their compliance with federal environmental laws.

LGEAN Webinars


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