Summer School: Land Use

July 14, 2010 12:27 pm — 12:27 pm
Washington, DC

Co-sponsored by:
The Environmental Law Institute &
DC Bar

Each summer the ELI Summer School holds a series of seminars about the legal foundations of environmental protection in the United States. The series begins with an afternoon careers seminar and networking event, and continues with weekly lunchtime seminars that are taught by experts working in major arenas of environmental law and policy: air, water, land use, hazardous sites/substances, products, and climate change.

The use of land and water resources invokes a complicated array of environmental considerations. This session focused on the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, two key laws with which developers, timber companies, electric utilities and others must comply when building projects or extracting resources. New developments in light of climate change were also addressed.

John Kostyack, Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation and Global Warming, National Wildlife Federation
Dinah Bear, Attorney at Law, Washington, D.C. (former General Counsel to the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ))

Additional Materials:
NEPA Climate Change Cases
NEPA Requirements
NEPA References
John Kostyack's Presentation


This ELI Associate Seminar was made possible by the generous support of our members.