National Wetlands Awards Ceremony (2017)

May 18, 2017 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Washington, DC

The National Wetlands Awards are presented annually to individuals who have excelled in wetlands protection, restoration, and education. Through coordinated media outreach and an awards ceremony on Capitol Hill, awardees receive national recognition and attention for their outstanding efforts. The program is administered by the Environmental Law Institute and supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, NOAA Fisheries, and the Federal Highway Administration. ELI coordinates the awards program, while our federal agency supporters provide financial support, serve on the selection committee, and/or participate in the ceremony.

The awardees are selected by a widely representative committee composed of 12-18 wetlands experts from around the country, including representatives from each federal supporting agency, members of the conservation and business communities, and representatives from state and local governments. Selection Committee members are carefully selected to represent a diversity of geographic areas and wetland expertise. ELI facilitates the Selection Committee meeting, but does not participate in selecting the winners. The awardees are determined by a majority vote of the Selection Committee.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 National Wetlands Awards:

Conservation & Restoration
Gregory Kearns
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Education & Outreach
Dana Pounds
Bradenton, Florida

Science Research
Dr. Robert R. Twilley
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

State, Tribal, and Local Program Development
Collis G. Adams
Concord, New Hampshire

Wetlands Community Leader
Alicia M. Mozian
Westport, Connecticut