Unlocking Nature's Potential: A Guide to Navigating Federal Permits and Environmental Reviews to Facilitate Use of Nature-Based Solutions

Regina Buono
Jarryd Page
Date Released
December 2023
Unlocking Natures Potential ELI Report Cover

Natural and nature-based infrastructure (NNBI) projects have been shown to be helpful in addressing environmental problems across various landscapes and to provide co-benefits not offered by traditional infrastructure solutions. However, as they are increasingly considered for implementation, project proponents face the necessity of securing regulatory approval from the appropriate federal or state authorities. Understanding that regulatory landscape, including the potential pitfalls and opportunities it presents for innovative approaches such as NNBI, is essential to the successful and efficient implementation of NNBI projects and project elements.

This report reviews the latest regulatory landscape with an eye toward aiding NNBI project proponents to understand some of the laws and processes at work, how they are evolving, and how they might prepare to navigate regulatory requirements effectively.