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Electricity Market Design for a Decarbonized Grid


August 27, 2020



An ELI ELI Professional Development Webinar

In the third Environmental Law Institute Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI ELI) Professional Development Webinar, ELI Board Member and Leadership Council Member Mason Emnett explored the electricity market design for a decarbonized grid.

As states adopt more aggressive decarbonization mandates in the absence of federal action, there is a growing conflict between state programs supporting particular types of electric generation technologies and federal regulation of interstate electricity markets that are technology-neutral by design. There are several ways this conflict can be resolved but each requires significant changes to regulatory and market structures, and a strong federal-state partnership that has been lacking in recent years.

Leading expert Mason Emnett explored the many facets of this topic. He also provided a broad review of the various decarbonization pathway studies that all agree with the notion that cleaning up the electric generation sector is the lynchpin of broader decarbonization efforts so that electrification of other fossil uses does not replace one source of emissions for another.

ELI ELI Professional Development Webinars are for the exclusive benefit of Emerging Leaders.

Mason Emnett
, Vice President, Competitive Market Policy, Exelon Corporation