Community Engagement for the Protection of Wetlands (National Wetlands Awards)

May 19, 2021 2:00 pm — 3:30 pm
Webinar Only

An ELI Public Webinar

Wetlands provide ecological services that are vital for the health and welfare of humans and the planet. Wetland habitats act as carbon “sinks,” improve water quality, and protect against floods and shoreline erosion. As the impacts of climate change worsen, wetlands will play an increasingly important role in mitigation and adaptation efforts. These conservation efforts must include the needs of socially vulnerable populations.

Additionally, the legacy of environmental racism has caused many low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to experience disproportionate impacts during and in the aftermath of natural disasters. By empowering environmental justice communities to engage in and shape wetland protection efforts, these health and environmental harms are redressed while fully realizing the autonomy and knowledge of these communities to further improve public health and environmental outcomes.

Join the Environmental Law Institute, partners, and leading experts to honor winners of the 2021 National Wetlands Awards while exploring the momentous work of individuals across the country who have found unique and effective ways to educate communities about the importance of wetlands and spur community engagement in wetland protection efforts.

Opening Remarks:
Scott Fulton
, President, Environmental Law Institute

Rebecca Kihslinger, PhD, Director, Wetlands Program, and Senior Science and Policy Analyst, Environmental Law Institute, Moderator
Xavier Cortada, Professor of Practice, Department of Art and Art History, University of Miami
Katherine Egland, Co-Founder of Education and Program Director, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization (EEECHO)
Louie Rivers, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University

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