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ELPAR 2014 Conference Photos

John Cruden
ELI President John Cruden gives introductory remarks 

J.B. Ruhl
Vanderbilt Law Professor J.B. Ruhl gives introductory remarks 

Emma Doineau
ELPAR Editor-in-Chief Emma Doineau gives introductory remarks 

General audience

Anna Claire Skinner
ELPAR Articles Editor Caroline Cecot introduces first panel 

Panel 1
First panel (Pictured: Jedediah Purdy, W. David Bridgers, Chanelle A. Johnson, Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Kathleen Rogers)

Panel 1
First panel (Pictured: W. David Bridgers, Chanelle A. Johnson, Jedediah Purdy, Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Kathleen Rogers)

2nd Panel
Second Panel (Pictured: Cynthia Farina, Avi Garbow, Michael Halpern, Michael Walls)

2nd Panel and Emma Doineau
Speakers from second panel with ELPAR Editor-in-Chief (Pictured: Michael Halpern, Michael Walls, Cynthia Farina, Emma Doineau)

Cary Coglianese
Author Cary Coglianese presents article

3rd Panel
Third Panel (Pictured: Cary Coglianese, Andrea Field, Katherine McFate, Manisha Patel)

Manisha Patel
Panelist Manisha Patel speaking

Linda and J.B.
(Pictured: Katherine McFate, Linda Breggin, J.B. Ruhl, Manisha Patel)