Plastic use is ubiquitous in modern life, but so is the associated pollutionwhich impact human health, the environment, climate change, and more. ELI is working to address these problems by identifying actionable law and policy tools that can be used to regulate plastic at every stage of its life cycle and convening stakeholders to prioritize and advance these solutions. Our analyseswhich draw from leadership across all sectors, are based on science, and aim to elevate principles of justiceallows for conversations to move beyond dialogue and into action.   

Our recent report, published with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, provides a comprehensive overview of existing U.S. federal authorities to address plastic pollution domestically and serves as a toolkit for decision makers.

Existing U.S. Federal Authorities to Address Plastic Pollution: A Synopsis for Decision Makers | Environmental Law Institute (

Report Highlights: Existing U.S. Federal Authorities to Address Plastic Pollution | Environmental Law Institute (

John Doherty, ELI Science and Policy Analyst, also recently presented at an EPA Trash Free Waters program webinar on Plastics and Climate, which can be viewed here:

Plastics & Climate: Exploring Data, Impacts, and Solutions (


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