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Center for State, Local and Regional Environmental Programs

  • Indoor Air Quality Workshops for State Officials
  • ISO 14001 State Workshop — Scottsdale, AZ; Milwaukee, WI; Oakland, CA (1999)
  • ISO 14001 State Workshops — Indianapolis, IN; White River, VT; Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; Raleigh, NC; Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; Harrisburg, PA (1998)
  • ISO 14001 Workshop for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water and Pilot Project States — Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA (1997)

Judicial Education Program

  • Regional Workshops on Environmental Laws for Judges and Other Officials, Kindia and N'Zerekoure, Guinea (2012)
  • Program in Judicial Specialization for the Protection of Environmental Rights Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico and Washington, DC — 2012)
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Law for Magistrates (Jacmel, Haiti — 2012)
  • Judicial Training Program in Environmental Law for Resident Magistrates (including judges from Guyana, Bermuda, and Trinidad and Tobago) (Montego Bay, Jamaica — 2011)
  • Seminar on Mexican Environmental and Biodiversity Law for Judges (La Paz and Mexicali, Mexico — 2009)
  • Pilot Judicial Training Course in Biodiversity Protection for Judges in Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — 2009)
  • Second Workshop on Environment for Judges (Santiago, Chile — 2009)
  • Advanced Workshop on International Environmental Law (Kampala, Uganda — 2007)
  • First Workshop on Environmental Issues for Judges (Santiago, Chile — 2006)
  • Magistrates Training Workshop in Environmental Law (Jinja, Uganda — 2005)
  • Workshop for Judges on the Application of Environmental Legal Norms (Pilar, Encarnación, and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay — 2005)
  • Environmental Litigation Study Tour for Cameroonian Jurists and Magistrates (Washington, DC — 2005)
  • Judicial Training Workshop in Environmental Law (Seeta, Uganda — 2004)
  • Judicial Enforcement of Environmental Law in Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow, India — 2003)
  • Judicial Symposium on Environmental Law (Jinja, Uganda — 2003)
  • Judicial Symposium on Environmental Law and Policy (Arusha, Tanzania — 2003)
  • Judicial Symposium on Environmental Law and Procedure in Uganda (Entebbe, Uganda — 2003)
  • Global Judges Symposium on Sustainable Development and the Role of Law — co-sponsor with United Nations Environment Program and others (Johannesburg, South Africa — 2002)
  • Regional Judicial Symposium on Fostering East African Cooperation Through Access to Environmental Justice (Entebbe, Uganda — 2002)
  • Workshop on Judicial Enforcement of Environmental Law in Karnataka (Bangalore, Karnataka, India — 2002)
  • Environmental Law for Subordinate Judiciary (Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India — 2002)
  • Judicial Symposium on Environmental Law, Policy, and Access to Justice (Jinja, Uganda — 2001)
  • Mumbai Judges Workshop on Environmental Law and Development Issues (Mumbai, India — 2000)
  • Planning Workshop on Challenges to Environmental Justice Delivery (Bangalore, India — 1999)
  • Course in U.S. Environmental Law for Brazilian Judges, Public Prosecutors and Brazilian State Attorneys (Washington, DC — 1999)
  • “Enforcement of Environmental Law” and “Damage to Natural Resources,” for the Judicial School of Costa Rica (1998)
  • Environmental Law Conference for Federal Judges (Sao Paulo, Brazil — 1997)
  • Environmental Law Course for Sao Paulo Judges (Intervales State Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil — 1997)
  • International Amazonian Judicial Training Conference (Manaus, Brazil — 1996) (including judges from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru)
  • Environmental Law Workshop for Hungarian Judges (Budapest, Hungary — 1996)
  • Judicial Training Course for Florida Judges (Tampa, FL — 1995)
  • Environmental Law for Judges (Cuiaba, Brazil — 1995)
  • Environmental Law for Ukranian Judges (Ukraine — 1995)
  • Honduran Public Prosecutors and Judges Environmental Law Training (Honduras — 1995)
  • Developing and Implementing Effective Environmental Laws, for Russian judges, attorneys, and ministry officials (Washington, DC — 1994)
  • Southwestern Judges Training (Albuquerque, NM — 1993)
  • Course on Environmental Law and Science for Ohio Judges (1993)
  • Environmental Law in Virginia, at the Judicial Conference of Virginia (1992)
  • Environmental Law: Legal Issues and Theories, Environmental Restoration, and Environmental Science: Legal Implications and Applications for the New Jersey Judicial College (1992)
  • New England Judges Conference on Environmental Law (Boston, MA — 1991)