Superfund Deskbook, 2d Edition

Superfund Deskbook, 2d Edition
Allison Rumsey & Michael Daneker
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Since the Environmental Law Institute last published the Superfund Deskbook in 1992, superfund law and policy have continued to evolve. New Supreme Court decisions and ongoing debate over whether CERCLA fairly allocates the costs of pollution signal the need for a revised text that examines CERCLA as it exists today.

In this second edition of the Superfund Deskbook, a team of leading experts from Arnold & Porter LLP do just that. In addition to examining the legal issues surrounding CERCLA—such as liability, defenses, and cost recovery/contribution—the authors pay special attention to the increasingly important area of remediation. They address the process of developing and implementing a remedy, offering expert guidance for practitioners involved in contaminated site cleanup.

The Deskbook is divided into six parts. In the first, the authors address who is liable under CERCLA, clarifying what constitutes a “covered person” and explaining variations on liable parties. The second part focuses on defenses to CERCLA’s liability, while the third offers an overview of cost recovery and contribution claims. Part IV, which addresses site cleanup processes, includes analysis of the National Contingency Plan and the Section 104 remediation process, as well as guidance on selecting a remedy. Part V moves into a discussion of natural resource damages.  The sixth and final part offers a wide range of essential documents, including the full text of CERCLA, guidance documents, and model orders.

In the Superfund Deskbook 2d Edition, the authors consolidate the most important materials surrounding CERCLA into a concise volume that illuminates a complex and often confusing area of environmental law. The Deskbook combines expert analysis and key statutory and policy materials, resulting in a user-friendly reference source that provides a thorough grounding in Superfund law and policy.