In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Workshop 2017

Facilitated by:
The Environmental Law Institute and The Nature Conservancy

May 9, 2017
National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference


Nationwide, in-lieu fee (ILF) mitigation programs provide aquatic resource offsets for a significant percentage of the required compensatory mitigation in the U.S. (around 7 percent annually). This workshop will provide current or potential ILF program sponsors a forum to discuss a range of issues identified by the workshop sponsors including, for example, the project approval process, the watershed approach, and long-term financing. The purpose of the workshop is to enhance knowledge transfer and support sharing of best practices across the field of ILF mitigation practitioners, thereby supporting the delivery of ILF programs that support high and consistent standards for compensatory mitigation. ESA ILF program sponsors interested in learning more about the mechanisms/challenges under the CWA 404 program, as well as network,may also wish to attend.


Workshop Materials