Green Cleaning in Schools

Developments in State Policy



Citation: Nevada Revised Statutes §§ 386.419, 4195

Effective: July 1, 2009; revised June 2015

Available: Statute

Summary: Nevada law requires schools to use environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products for cleaning floor surfaces in public schools.

Key Provisions:

  • Requirements for Using Green Cleaning Products. The law requires school districts to ensure that the public schools within the district use only environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products in the cleaning of all floor surfaces.
  • Exceptions. If a school district determines that the associated costs of complying with this requirement are “unreasonable and would place an undue burden on the efficient operation” of the district or an individual school, the district may purchase and use a cleaning product that is not environmentally sensitive for cleaning floor surfaces. In order to do so, the district must first post notice of the product to be used on the district’s web site.


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