2017 Data Training Workshop Presentations



Session 1: Water Quality Framework

Overview of the Water Quality Framework - Dwane Young (EPA HQ) [originally prepared in Prezi]


Session 3: Managing Information: The Broader Data Process

Managing Information: The NEW Data Process - Laura Shumway (EPA HQ)

New Mexico’s Data Integration and Automation Journey - Lynette Guevara (NM)

New Jersey’s Integrated Assessment Process - Jack Pflaumer (NJ)


Session 4: Data Management Tools

Wisconsin’s Web-Mapping Tools, Surface Water Data Viewer, and Water Condition Viewer - Matt Rehwald (WI)

Overview of the Watershed Data Portal - Timothy Pricer (VT)

Putting Tools for Data Visualization at Assessors’ Fingertips - Ken Edwardson (NH)

Overview of the Sediment and Habitat Management Tool - William Puknat (MT)

Using Business Objects and Web Intelligence to Inform Water Quality Assessment Decisions - Robert Voss (MO)

Overview of the Arizona Assessment Calculator to Inform Water Quality Assessment Decisions - Jason Jones (AZ)


Session 5: A Focus on Geospatial Hydrologic Frameworks

A Focus on Geospatial Hydrologic Frameworks - Tatyana DiMascio (USGS) and Tommy Dewald (EPA HQ)


Small Group Trainings

The Monthly Water Balance Model Futures Project and Portal - Andrew Bock (USGS)

Preliminary Healthy Watersheds Assessments & RPS Tools - Doug Norton (EPA HQ)

Causal Assessment, Stressor Identification, and CADDIS - Sue Norton (EPA HQ) and Kate Schofield (EPA HQ)


Session 12: Take-Home Messages

Take-Home Messages - Dwane Young (EPA HQ)