The Environmental Forum

Volume 37 Issue 5

September-October 2020

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A Political Tandem

The rails-to-trails concept is famous, celebrated throughout the nation. Millions of Americans use the trails for recreation and transportation. Forty years later, it’s time to acclaim the two behind-the-scenes staffers who made a miracle happen on Capitol Hill.

By Peter Harnik
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

With SIDEBARs from the conservancy and from a transportation consultant

Strengthening Water Tenure

Many countries have made progress in legally recognizing and protecting land and forest tenure rights. But the water rights of indigenous and local communities have received far less attention, despite their role in supporting equitable and sustainable development.

By Jessica Troell
Environmental Law Institute
Bottled Up

Overcoming new challenges like the COVID-19 virus or older ones like climate change depends on the facts. Unfortunately, the legal system has not risen to the related challenge of protecting scientific integrity nor even researchers themselves, despite laws designed to prevent abuse.

By Lauren Kurtz
Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

With SIDEBARs from two environmental scientists

Staying on Course for Justice for All

Environmental and health professionals can benefit by learning the story the sea has to tell about knowing your destination, bringing the whole crew on board, and making port despite stormy seas and contrary winds. What’s your metaphor for managing your career?

By Suzi Ruhl
Yale Medical School
The Debate: Can Virus Response and Pollution Fight Learn From Each Other?

Environmental protection in large measure means protecting public health. Thousands of professionals work at safeguarding lives and livelihoods through measures to reduce exposure and resulting disease. It is important to draw lessons from one facet of the fight for life — and how society implements measures to counter a threat — for possible application in another. COVID-19 offers a prime example.

By Adam Babich, Stephen Harper, Vernice Miller-Travis and Rena Steinzor
Tulane University, Intel Corporation, Metropolitan Group, University of Maryland
By: David P. Clarke

What Will Happen on Climate If the Democrats Take Over Next Year.

By: Craig M. Pease

The Transparency Rule Is Not at All About Science; It’s Propaganda.

By: Linda K. Breggin

Pro Bono Lawyers Draft Deep Decarbonization Model Laws.

By: Sally R. K. Fisk

Get Ready for Corporate Carbon Goals Visible with Every Purchase

By: Amanda Leiter

Seeing Supplemental Environmental Projects in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

By: Ethan Shenkman

Infrastructure and Energy Projects on a Rulemaking Rollercoaster Ride.

By: Joseph E. Aldy

Crafting a Climate-Oriented Stimulus Recovery Program.

By: Bruce Rich

World’s Coal Lender of Last Resort Doubles Down as Warming Worsens.

By: Oliver Houck

On the journey up the Crazy River.

By: Stephen R. Dujack

Discounting Benefits of Saving Human Life.

By: Akielly Hu

National Wetland Award Ceremony Held Digitally

By: Scott Fulton

On obstacles to achieving justice.